Inspection and maintenance

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness and longevity of the SEAFLEX mooring system, we always recommend performing yearly inspections of the installation.

One of our key arguments for using SEAFLEX as your mooring system of choice is the low-maintenance nature of the system. Compared to the traditional methods of mooring, SEAFLEX will rarely require as frequent or costly maintenance. However, any installation will benefit greatly from regular inspections to ensure that no outside forces have affected the mooring system. This is especially important to do after instances where the application might have been exposed to environmental effects not included in the dimensioning requirements (i.e. storms, collisions).

Inspection and maintenance documentation

We provide our customers, free of charge, with a customized, detailed maintenance package for every project. This package includes guides detailing how often and how an installation should be inspected (surface inspection and diving inspections). The package also includes templates that can be used on-site when performing inspections.

We can also provide a weather station that can be installed at the installation site that monitors wind forces. In some cases, we can also refer you to local SEAFLEX inspectors in your area that can assist you with inspecting the mooring system.

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