Why you should choose SEAFLEX

Choosing SEAFLEX as your mooring system might be the best choice you’ve ever made. Here we have gathered four of our best reasons for choosing SEAFLEX instead of a traditional mooring system.



Seaflex commitment to quality includes ensuring safe solutions and secure deliveries, proper documentation.


Value for your money

The initial cost of a mooring system varies depending on factors like water depth, layout and the surrounding forces.

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SEAFLEX is the most modern and technologically advanced mooring system on the market today.


The Environment

The moorings are made from the highest quality stainless steel, to offer the best protection against corrosion.

The new generation of mooring solutions

Historically, chains and piles have been used to moor all types of floating structures. While it might be perceived as a cheap method to use, it often has several drawbacks that might endanger not only the installation itself, but also the surrounding environment.