Seaflex Spring

The SEAFLEX Spring is a highly efficient and silent pontoon and boat mooring spring, based on the same idea as SEAFLEX mooring system: eliminating unnecessary strain on the moored application.

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Areas of use

SEAFLEX Spring is a highly efficient shock absorber. Gently absorbing wide variations of loads, SEAFLEX Spring is ideal for mooring pontoons/floating docks to shore.

By using the SEAFLEX Spring, pontoons can be held firmly in a fixed position through a wide range of water level variation, which makes it an excellent choice to secure the gangway.

SEAFLEX Spring can also be used to absorb excessive strains on the mooring rope when you want to safely secure your boat.


At peak loading, conventional steel springs reach their limits and becomes stiff. However, SEAFLEX Spring continues to function smoothly and eliminates any unnecessary strains on pontoons and boats.

The unique characteristic of the SEAFLEX Spring allows it to elongate up to 50% of it´s length when put under stress.

Each SEAFLEX Spring consists of shock absorbers made of a special, homogenous rubber and two coniuous U-bars that form an eye at each end. Similar to the SEAFLEX mooring unit, the SEAFLEX Spring is designed to elongate when under stress, retaining its shock-absorbing properties through a far greater range of loads than a conventional steel spring.

An added benefit from the homogenous rubber design is that the SEAFLEX Spring don´t create noise pollution, which steel springs have a habit of creating. All metal components are made of high-grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion.



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