Our complete concept for quality

Quality is an over-arching concept of Seaflex. Our commitment to quality includes ensuring safe solutions and secure deliveries, proper documentation, precision with regard to materials and bids as well as installation follow-up and support for the entire lifespan of the product. All these things add up to an approach we call the Seaflex way.

Safe solutions

No matter if you are building the world’s largest marina, or are looking to moor your private boat, we always handle each new project with the same amount of care and detail. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a mooring solution that is customized to your specific needs. There is no “one size fits all” SEAFLEX solution; we always make sure that our solution provides all the necessary safety and reliability to your specific installation.

Using our JFlex application, we ask you for information regarding variables such as windspeed, maximum wave height, current strength, layout, and more to be able to mathematically provide you with a mooring solution that is guaranteed to withstand not only every-day environmental conditions, but also storms, floods and much more. SEAFLEX can be used in conditions where no other mooring solution is viable, for example in locations with extreme winds, strong currents or massive water level fluctuations.

Secure deliveries and proper documentation

Our administrative team are always available during the entire process, there is always someone in charge specifically for your project when it comes to freight and proper documentation. We have long experience from exporting to a large amount of countries around the world, and can help you with all the necessary documentation to ensure that your goods arrive on time.

With each SEAFLEX delivery you will also receive installation guides.

Installation support

During the installation process, we will be available to support you either by phone, e-mail or with personnel on-site from Seaflex if requested. If the installation is done in co-operation with one of our distributors, they will have all necessary knowledge to safely and efficiently install the SEAFLEX mooring. We also always provide you with installation manuals in addition to our personal support.

Inspections, repairs and replacements

In order to ensure a maximum lifespan of your SEAFLEX products, we always recommend regular inspections of the units to ensure full functionality, especially after incidents that might put the installation under more stress than it was designed for (such as major storms, collisions etc.). We can provide you with thorough documentation to be used as support during the inspection process, and in many cases we can also refer you to our partners in your area who have received training on how to inspect Seaflex units specifically.

Even though repairs and replacements are very uncommon, should the need arise we are of course always available to assist you. We will collect any defective units, provide you with information about how to document the conditions surrounding the issue (major storms, collisions, etc.) and assist you in replacing them as soon as possible.


Our distributors also play an important role in the process. They know that SEAFLEX is top of the line and that working with us offers huge benefits. Through an on-going exchange of relevant information and training, we are always working to increase our distributors’ confidence when it comes to recommending, installing and inspecting SEAFLEX.

Our own expertise

We are always expanding our own expertise. One factor in our success has been understanding the market’s needs and making use of what experience has taught us. The information we disseminate both internally and externally is adopted for different target groups. A well functioning risk analysis is also crucial. By continually developing our products and services and keeping up-to-date with what our competitors are doing, we can both create and maintain our competitive advantage.

Seaflex’s unique spirit

The Seaflex way also includes a unique spirit. Our employees have clearly defined areas of responsibility that allow for individual contribution and personal development. At Seaflex we recognise good work and help each other. The same spirit of openness and respect is also reflected in our cooperation with our distributors and customers.

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