Seaflex commitment to quality includes ensuring safe solutions and secure deliveries, proper documentation, precision in regard to materials and bids, installation follow-up and support for the life of the product.

All these things add up to an approach we call The Seaflex Way, which you can read more about here.

Customer communication

All interaction with our customers – from tender to installations and support for the life of the product – follow structured processes and are fully documented. For each new project, we assign one dedicated salesperson and one engineer to ensure continuity in your communication with us. You will not have to deal with several different people asking the same questions.

Quality assurance

  • Material: We pride ourselves in our high quality products. To ensure this, we require work test certificates from the suppliers of our key components. In addition to requiring tests done by our suppliers, we also do regular tests on the components used while making SEAFLEX. We have developed several methods for testing the quality of the SEAFLEX products. Every project that is produced is documented with a specific batch number, and test samples from each batch remains in our warehouse for no less than a year after installation, ensuring that we can go back in time and look at the material used for past installations.
  • Engineering: We use our own software called JFlex to perform the calculations needed to design your SEAFLEX mooring system. Every design and calculation is double-checked by another engineer to ensure that everything is done correctly.
  • Patents: We own several patents around the world, among those the specific rubber mixture that helps to create the unique elastic characteristic of the rubber strands used in our SEAFLEX units. We have also developed a Bypass safety feature in cooperation with Applied Fiber, another one-of-a-kind feature that ensures maximum safety and longevity of the SEAFLEX mooring units.
  • ISO certification: Seaflex is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 for quality the newest standard. You can read our Quality Policy here.

Experience selling worldwide

We have over three decades worth of experience selling the SEAFLEX mooring system to customers all over the world. We have finished over 1500 installations in over 80 countries, and know exactly what kind of documentation is needed for importing to your specific country. We will help you with the shipment all the way to the installation site.

Research and development

We constantly do research to better our product, relationships and processes. If you have a specific application that needs to be moored that is not covered in our applications section, please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway. We have moored several special applications, and always enjoy new challenges. We have a saying – if it floats, it can be moored using SEAFLEX!

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