Our Values

One thing that has remained constant in Seaflex throughout the years is the value foundation upon which we operate.

Company values is perhaps often seen as something that isn’t really that important for the day-to-day business, but rather something that might be used to set long-term strategies and align the development of a company with the route management or owners want to take. In Seaflex, our core values are something that is ingrained in our daily business in several ways. While they might sound a bit cliché, we strongly believe in these values and – more importantly – make an effort to incorporate them into how we do business. All employees have worked together to create this set of values that make up the framework for how we want to run the Seaflex Group. All of these values are then translated or adapted to fit into everyone’s different daily tasks and encounters, and every employee that wants to work with us needs to agree with these values.

But we don’t stop there. We wanted our values to be something that our customers can relate to as well, and our suppliers, and all other external parties that we encounter in a business setting. In fact, we have written down exactly how we want these values to be interpreted by you when you are working with us in any capacity. Let us present our 4 core values:

Company Values


For our employees
We want to create an atmosphere of trust within the organization. It is important that everyone knows what they are supposed to do and feel confident that the internal processes and documentation is adequate to meet the demands we set for each employee no matter what position they have in the company. The organizational structure within the Seaflex Group is also very flat, with short communication paths between all employees including top management. This way, we want to enforce a working climate where everyone is free to speak their mind and feel confident enough to challenge the way we work to constantly find new ways to improve the product or our internal and external processes.

Finally, there is a high level of transparency which helps employees feel confident that the management and owners are working to improve the business in a way that benefits everyone working at Seaflex.

For our customers
We want our customers to feel safe when working with Seaflex. We take care to always act ethical and will back out of projects and business ventures that do not align with our core values or ethical and moral viewpoints. Working with Seaflex should mean that you as a customer trust us, not just that the product is safe and of high quality, but also that we as a partner in a project will do our utmost to fulfill your wants and needs.



For our employees
Everyone working at any of our Seaflex offices should feel commited to our values, and the company. We value loyalty very high and try to recruit staff that will stay with us for a long time. Commitment and enthusiasm can show in many different ways, and we want it to show both internally when working, communicating and meeting other employees, as well as when meeting external parties and customers. Our staff should always show equal commitment to projects and customer interaction, no matter if it is a state-of-the-art luxury yacht marina, or a residential one-berth dock being built.

For our customers
Our customers should be confident that working with Seaflex means that you will be treated as an important customer no matter what you are working on. Our employees are always commited to the projects they are working on, and are expected to do their utmost to deliver on time, maintain a high quality on the services performed, and find ways to increase the value for all our customers.



For our employees
Employee satisfaction is one of the main company goals, and something we believe is vital if we want to be able to offer high-quality products and services, and have committed staff who will go the extra mile to satisfy our customers and work well together. We try our best to make sure all of our employees are satisfied when working at Seaflex. Many aspects play a part in this, such as maintaining a good working environment and making sure that all employees continually develop their skills. We consider the whole Seaflex Group to be one big family, and try to organize activities, trips and other team-building activities as often as possible to strengthen this bond. We are convinced that satisfied employees will affect every other part of the company.

For our customers
Of course, for our customers the number one priority is that they are satisfied with the products and services we offer. We are very interested in hearing from our customers and frequently ask for feedback on the project process to find ways to improve the relationship and project process even more. We feel it is important to consider each project a life-long commitment for us, and will be available from the initial contact and on, including during the installation phase, inspections and extensions and additions in the future.

Similarly, we want to ensure customer satisfaction even if something should go wrong. We have dedicated staff ready to handle all service requests, and our unique 20-year guarantee ensures that our customers feel safe and satisfied using Seaflex for almost any type of floating application.


The big picture

For our employees
For us to be able to deliver a complete mooring system with the high quality that Seaflex is know for, we need every part of the order process to work well together. We believe it is very important that every employee understands their part in the process, and how their contribution to the process adds value to the customer. To achieve this, we are working with company-wide goals that are changed based on where we are and where we want to be, which are then broken down to office goals, departmental goals, team goals, and finally individual goals. We want every employee to know that when they reach their individual goals it connects to the goals set out for his or her team, which in turn – when fulfilled – makes a difference for the department, office, and in the end for the entire company.

This ability to trace each individual accomplishment to the movement of the entire company is something that makes everyone see the big picture and acknowledge that they are an important part of the success of Seaflex and the projects we work with.

For our customers
Similarly, we want our customers to acknowledge and agree that Seaflex plays an important role in the success of the entire project we are working on together. Seaflex should be a natural partner throughout the entire project and we will offer our expertise and aid whenever possible. When the project is sold, we will still (unless otherwise requested, of course) be a part of the installation and support process.

We also want all of our customers to know that they all play an important part in our own “big picture” and that we value each customer relationship.

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