Value for your money

Due to the long lifespan, simplified inspection process and minimal need for maintenance, using SEAFLEX as your mooring system of choice can in many cases be the lowest cost over time.

The initial cost of a mooring system varies depending on factors like water depth, layout and the surrounding forces. When installing in deep water for example, piles and chain are very costly while SEAFLEX becomes competitive due to its integrated rope that can handle even the most extreme forces.


The transportation cost when using SEAFLEX is generally much lower than that of piles or chains. A large installation might require hundreds of piles, or several thousand meters of chain. SEAFLEX can be ordered with square-plaited polyester rope that substantially decreases the cost per meter. In addition, SEAFLEX is much lighter than chains or piles, and can be easily transported by truck, ship or airfreight all over the world within a few days at a much lower price.


Many of our customers are surprised as to how fast and easy it is to install SEAFLEX – even without prior experience! We always provide our customers with detailed, step-by-step installation instructions, and if requested we can also provide an installation supervisor on-site who will supervise the installation process and answer any questions.


Inspecting traditional moorings can be extremely time consuming and complicated. Whenever chain is used to moor an application, each individual link needs to be inspected for damages. Inspecting SEAFLEX is quick and easy, which will lower the inspection cost. We always provide our customers with a detailed inspection guide and template to use when inspecting the mooring system in order to maximize effectiveness and longevity.


SEAFLEX requires substantially less maintenance than other mooring systems due to the fact that the system’s components are exceptionally durable. Consider the difference compared with chains for example, where iron links must be replaced due to rust, wear and fatigue. Also, for chains each individual link needs to be inspected. With SEAFLEX, the inspection process is very quick and easy, ensuring that you don’t need to spend several hours, or days, underwater to perform routine maintenance.


SEAFLEX is customized to your site-specific needs. This means that we can accomodate almost every type of environmental impact your installation might have to endure. By securing your application with SEAFLEX, you can feel safe knowing that it can be designed to handle hurricane strength winds, strong currents and extreme water level variations. In many cases where traditional mooring methods fail due to environmental circumstances, SEAFLEX will endure. This means that you can feel safe knowing that your application is moored using the most technologically advanced mooring system in the world.

Lifetime support

Our part in the project does not end once we have delivered the SEAFLEX mooring system. Even after delivery we are still available to answer any questions and help you with installation, inspection and maintenance for the lifetime of the installation.

Low total cost of ownership

Using SEAFLEX mooring system is easier and quicker in almost every way. Installation, inspections and maintenance is also any many cases cheaper than the alternatives. Add to this the fact that the longevity of the SEAFLEX is generally greater than that of chain or piles, and you will see that it is clear that while using SEAFLEX to moor your application can be more expensive initially, it will in many cases be the cheapest and easiest option over time since most applications that use SEAFLEX are meant to be used over several decades.

If you are thinking about using SEAFLEX to moor your project, please contact us and we will provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you might have.

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